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Pasta: Pan Fried Noodles with Green Veggies

posted by Lisa UK 10-19-102 10:40 AM

Pan Fried Noodles with Green Veggies

1 lb Fresh Saimin Noodles
1 oz Vegetable Oil
8 oz Mixed Green Vegetables
1 tbsp Oyster Sauce
1 tbsp Aloha Shoyu
12 oz Chicken Broth
2 oz Bean Sprouts
1/2 tbsp Goma Seed (black sesame seeds)
3 sprigs Cilantro, cleaned
1 oz Cornstarch slurry

Bring one gallon of salted water to a boil. Add saimin noodles and flash cook for 2 minutes. Pull and strain noodles. Place on hot griddle and pan fry. Reserve noodles for later.

Heat wok and add oil. Add vegetable mix and saute until cooked but firm. Add oyster sauce and shoyu. Pour in chicken broth and bring to a boil. Stir in cornstarch slurry to thicken but let cook out before plating.

Place bean sprouts down on pasta bowl. Fold saimin noodles in with the liquid keeping the stir fry separate. Place noodles in the base of the platter and pour stir fry mixture over the top of that. Garnish with goma seeds and cilantro.

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