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Hawaiian Lau Lau's

posted by TONI 05-23-98 9:15 PM 

2# beef chuck roast 
2# pork butt (preferably with a little fat) 
1# fresh or salted salmon or butter fish 
Cut all meats into 10 equal cubes. 
1 to 2# Taro leaves, washed stems removed and sorted into 10 equal amounts 
Hawaiian Salt 
20 Ti leaves 
string, for tying the "bundles" (Lau Lau's) securly, or: 
foil to wrap around the Lau Lau's to keep them intact. 

To Assemble: 

Place 2 Ti leaves on top of each other to form a cross, 
layer the Taro leaves on top of each other in the center, place a piece of
beef, pork, and fish in the center of the leaves, sprinkle with Hawaiian 

By holding the outer Ti leaves, gather the entire production up to form a 
shape similar to a large hersheys kiss. Now either tie the outer leaves 
with string to secure the Lau Lau, or wrap in a sheet of foil to contain 
everything. You are now ready to steam these packages for 3 to 4 hours. 

To enjoy:
Remove the outer Ti leaves and discard them, as the are not edible, they 
are for flavor only. The finished result is a richly-flavored, extremly 
succulant entree. The only thing missing now is some Poi, and Lomi-Lomi 

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