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Hungry? Use the form below to search through the files in Mimi's Cyber Kitchen. If you still don't find that recipe you are looking for on our site, try the Home Arts Recipe Finder. Finally, if you want to search the entire Internet, try MetaCrawler. Who knows what treasures you'll find!

This is a very simple search. It will select the page(s) where any part of the search words are found. If you put in more then one search word be sure to select "any terms" "all terms" or "as a phrase". "any terms" means all the search words are found scattered somewhere on the same page. For example, if you enter "ice cream" + "any terms" then it will find all pages that have both words on it anywhere on the page. If you want to find the words right next to each other enter "ice cream" + "as a phrase". But, if you enter "ice cream" + "all terms" then it will find pages that have either word on it. The list of pages that contain the search word(s) will then be displayed. Unfortunately, this search engine is not sophisticated enough to go directly to the phrase you entered so you still have to look through the page to find what you are looking for. Hint: use the Find function of your browser.

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Not full yet because you didn't find the recipe you were looking for? Try the Home Arts Recipe Finder.
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Still Hungry? If you don't find what you are looking for in Mimi's Cyber Kitchen you can search the rest of the Internet with MetaCrawler. The MetaCrawler is a free World Wide Web search service. The MetaCrawler differs from other services in that it doesn't maintain any internal database. Rather, it relies on the databases of Open Text, Lycos, and others. The MetaCrawler sends your queries to nine different services: Open Text, Lycos, WebCrawler, InfoSeek, Excite, Inktomi, Alta Vista, Yahoo, and Galaxy.

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