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Prakas: Stuffed Cabbage - meat

Posted by : Judy Sobel

Recipe by: Rose Sobel 

  3       lbs     short ribs (flanken)

  3       lbs     lean ground beef

  3       large   onions -- sliced

  1       TBS     garlic powder

  2       tsp     salt

  2       tsp     pepper

  2       large   heads of cabbage

  1       large   can of tomato paste

  2       Tbs     sugar

  2       tsp     sour salt (citric acid)



Put cabbage in plastic bags and put in the freezer overnight. 

Take out several hours before using. Cabbage will wilt and 

it will be easier to   roll. Leaves will not need to be 

cooked or steamed in advance. Take off the dark green leaves 

from both heads. Use the rest for other cabbage dishes (cole 

slaw or steamed cabbage). Turn leaves over and carefully 

slice the thick vein parallel to the leaf. Again, this makes 

the leaves more flexible and easier to use.


In a large dutch oven or heavy pot, brown the short ribs on 

a low light. Mix the ground beef with garlic powder, salt 

and pepper. Take about 1/4 cup and roll it into an oval. Place 

in the middle of the leaf and fold over sides of leaf. Bring 

up the bottom of the leaf and roll up very tightly. If you 

have sliced off the vein, you will not need string or tooth-

picks to hold it together. Place in layer over the onions. 

When you have a tightly packed layer, add 1/3 of the sliced 

onions, and 1/3 of the tomato paste. Repeat until cabbage 

leaves are used up. You should have leftover beef. Make small 

meatballs and add to pot. End with the onions and tomato 

paste. Add a cup of hot water. Sprinkle with sugar and sour 

salt, cover pan and simmer on low heat for 1 1/2 hours or 

until everything is cooked and tender. Remove the cabbage and 

meatballs to a serving dish (or a freezer safe container.) 

take bones out of the flanken and discard. Cut meat into 

serving size , trim off any fat and add to cabbage. Taste 

the sauce and adjust with either sugar or sour salt. Add 

sour salt sparingly. Pour over cabbage and either freeze or 

serve. I like to freeze it first so I can defat it.


NOTES : I made the sauce with the flanken in advance for 

Passover. Instead of using cabbage, I stuffed grape leaves 

and served as an appetizer. It was really a big hit. Leftover 

sauce can be frozen and used for meatballs or even chicken 


Archivist's note: Prakas, holishkes, and galooptchy 

are all Yiddish names for stuffed cabbage.

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