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Posted by : Joan Ross

My husband and family alway rave about a tuna fish recipe eaten at a
popular New York deli.

I could never get the taste just right at home. Their tuna never
tasted overly from mayo, yet had the same consistency of mayo based
tuna with something extra I could not describe.No fishy or salty taste

For years I have always supected that this deli restaurant ( meat
menu) uses chicken schmaltz in many of their specialty recipes.For
some reason I have always just mometarilly tasted  what I thought was
schmaltz for a split second on my taste buds. My family said- no can't

Well I finally I saved some schmaltz and decided to make the tuna.

I astounded my family  with the recipe. They said it tasted
practically the same as the Deli tuna and the kids requested more!

I cannot vouch the restaurant does use schmaltz in their tunafish - so
my recipe just may be own "copycat" version so to speak! 

Normally I would never consider using chicken schmaltz  in any recipe
for health related reasons.

But if you want to make a delicious tuna  salad and don't care about
more added  fat and cholesterol, try this:

Archivist's Note: Though it is permissible to have fish and meat at the 
same meal, many who keep kosher do not serve the two together on the same
plate and would not consider this recipe acceptable.

Joan's Secret Deli-Style Tuna Fish salad

1 can (6 oz) top quality solid packed white albacore tuna in water-
no substitute for albacore
1 Tbs top quality mayonnaisse ( not salad dresssing ) to start
1 Tbs. plain renedered  pure chicken schmmaltz ( approx) to start
a few tsp of finely shredded carrot
a few tsp of finelly shredded mild white onion
pinch salt, pinch pepper

Drain tuna and place in mixing bowl. Break up and mash tuna with fork
to remove clumps and make a spreadable consistency.. Mix in carrot and
onion. Mix in the mayo. Then add and mix in enough schmaltz until tuna
achieves a rich taste- non mayo taste
The important part:
Tuna  should neither  be flavored with either too much mayo or
schmaltz. That is another part of the secret I think. You shouldn't be
aware of any  blatant schmaltz taste in the tuna. Salt carefully as
the tuna should not have a salty taste either.
Hope you like it
Yield: enough for one deli sandwich- of course on Jewish rye bread!

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