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Chicken, Fried for Hanukkah #1: Pollo Fritto per Chanuka - meat

Posted by : Beth Greenfeld

The recipe which follows is from "Italian Jewish Cooking," 
by Mira Sacerdoti, edited by Rita Erlich. (Archivist's 
note: A review of the book can be found in the Cookbook 
Review section of the archive.)

I thought I would let y'all know what Italian Jews served on
Chanukah, since that's the closest holiday. It seems, I 
found out, that Italian Jews celebrate one holiday that no 
other Jews do, called Shabbat Beshalach, on the Shabbat that 
we read the portion about the Israelites crossing the Red 
Sea. If someone reminds me, I'll post it right before
the pertinent Shabbat. You'll like it--it has something in 
it to remind you of the heads of the drowned...

Anyway, back to Chanukah (spelled Hanuckah in the book). In 
the introductory  section, it says that two appropriate main 
dishes are meat alla Shimson and Fried Chanukah chicken. I 
have no idea what Meat alla Shimson is; it's not in the 
index, and I skimmed the whole book and couldn't find it 
anywhere. But I did find the chicken recipe, even though 
it's not CALLED Fried Chanukah Chicken in the index. It's 
just called Fried Chicken, and then you have to go look at 
it and see from the blurb that it's indeed for Chanukah, but 
you can have it any time. So, here it is:

Fried Chicken

1 chicken size 12 cut into 4
4 chicken Maryland pieces

[I will not comment on the fact that although I live in 
Maryland I have no idea what that means, but I will be sure 
to enquire about it the next time I'm in Italy.]

2 tablespoons olive oil
2 eggs
juice of one lemon
olive oil
freshly ground pepper

Put the chicken pieces in an earthenware or glass container 
in which they fit completely.

Put the lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper into a shallow 
dish and beat with a fork until well amalgamated; then pour 
it over the chicken.

Turn the chicken pieces once or twice to make sure that they 
are well coated on all sides, cover the dish, and allow to 
stand for at least one hour.

Remove the chicken pieces from the mariande and pat dry with 
a paper towel.

Break the eggs into a soup plate, season with salt and 
pepper, and beat lightly with a fork.

Coat the chicken pieces with flour, dip into the egg, and 
fry in hot oil. When the chicken is golden brown on all 
sides remove it from the oil and put it on a rack to drain 
in a moderately hot oven leaving the oven door open, until 
you are ready to serve.

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