Salad: Italian Roasted Eggplant - pareve

Posted by : Jackie

My Sisterhood sponsored a cooking class taught by a local 
chef who is Italian but had a Jewish grandmother who 
taught him Jewish-Italian cooking.  He offered several 
Jewish-Italian recipes for Passover, but this was my 
favorite.  I think some people don't use garlic for Passover 
but the recipe is good anytime.


Italian Roasted Eggplant Salad with Olive Oil and Garlic

Roast 4 medium eggplants in the oven at 400 for about 45 
minutes to an hour until soft.  Allow to cool and then cut 
in half, scoop out the soft insides in to a bowl and 
coarsely chop.

To the eggplant add 2-3 minced garlic cloves, 4 TB olive oil, 
2 tsp lemon juice, chopped parsley(mint also if you like it), 
salt and pepper to taste.

Chill and serve.

Ruth Heiges responded: YUM! Those who do not use garlic can 
achieve a wonderful flavor with finely chopped onion; a nice 
variation at any time. For another dimension of flavor,
char the eggplants, instead of baking them. You can do that 
over a gas flame on your stovetop (very messy, but worth it) or on the barbecue.


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