Turkey w/Fruit and Nuts Stuffing - meat

Posted by : Lita Lotzkar

Archivist's Note: The stuffing of dried fruits and nuts solves
an oft-asked question at Passover, while also making this dish
appropriate for Shavuot and Tu b'Shevat.

 Pavo a la Catalana

 1 turkey, preferably a hen,  about 9 lb.
 salt and pepper
 margarine or oil for
 12 oz. Turkey meat (ground)
 4 oz. chopped onion
 4 oz. blond raisins (sultanas)
 5 oz. chopped, pitted, dried dates
 5 oz. chopped, pitted,  prunes
 5 oz. chopped, dried  apricots
 5 oz. chopped, dried figs
 2 oz. whole almonds
 (blanched or not, take your  2 oz. pine nuts
 pick!)                       (pignoli)
 4 fl. oz. port (or  substitute brandy)


Fry the  ground turkey meat gently with the chopped onions, drain off the
fat that tries out. Stir in the dried fruits, nuts, pine nuts, salt and
pepper to taste, and the port. Mix it well and stuff the washed and dried

Truss the turkey, rub with margarine or oil and roast in the way you
normally do a turkey, allowing 20 minutes per pound of bird in a two-phase
oven: have the oven at 425F (220C) when you first put the bird in.
immediately turn the oven down to 325F or 170C, and leave it at that temp
for the duration of roasting.



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