Brisket with Onions, Potatoes and Carrots

Posted by : Lita Lotzkar

  Roasted Garlic  (can be used with roast or on side)

 Barely cut the top from an entire head of garlic. Drizzle the exposed tops
of the cloves with a little olive or vegetable oil and bake, in an aluminum
foil cup, in a 350degree(s) oven for 20-30 minutes or until golden, soft,
and deliciously fragrant.  Remove from oven and  cool, and then squeeze the
individual cloves from the head.
 Brisket with Onions, Potatoes and Carrots

(serves 6-8)

 1 large brisket, about 4-6 lbs.
 cake meal with which to dust the brisket
 oil with which to sear the brisket
 6-8 each, medium sized potatoes and large carrots
 4 large onions, peeled and thinly sliced
 2 cups red wine
 2-3 cups beef broth, or more depending on the  way the brisket fits into
   your roasting pan.
 Salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste
 chopped fresh parsley with which to garnish the serving platter with 
   fresh flat leaf parsley, (sprigs) also for garnishing

 Very lightly dust both sides of the brisket with the meal and set aside.
Heat some oil in a large skillet and when hot, sear the brisket in the hot
oil. When the first side is browned, turn it over and brown the second
side. Remove the meat from the pan, and the pan from the heat.

 Place the meat in an oven proof roaster large enough to hold the brisket
in a single layer along with the the roaster along with the meat. Add in
the wine and the broth so that the meat is covered about two thirds of the
way by liquid.

 Cover the pan, place it in a pre heated 350 degree(s) oven and allow the
liquid to come to a
 simmer. Reduce the temperature to 275 degree(s) and allow the brisket to
braise for about one and one half hours.

 Peel the potatoes and the carrots and cut the potatoes into quarters and
the carrots into 2 inch long pieces, either halved or whole depending on
their diameter and your personal preference. Keep the potatoes immersed in
water until it is time to  place them in the oven with the meat, to keep
them from turning brown.

 After the meat has cooked for about an hour and a half, add the potatoes
and the carrots to the roaster and cover the pan again. Replace in the oven
and allow the brisket to cook another 90 minutes or so. The brisket is done
when the meat is fork tender and the carrots and potatoes are cooked to
your liking.

 Remove the roaster from the oven, and the brisket from the roaster. Allow
the meat to rest for about 20 minutes, and then slice it thinly, against
the grain of the meat. Arrange the meat attractively on a large oval
platter. Cover the meat with the cooked onions and some of the cooking
liquid. Decorate the rim of the platter with the cooked potatoes and
carrots. Sprinkle the carrots and the potatoes with the chopped parsley,
and decorate the platter with
 the sprigs of the flat leaf parsley. Serve the remaining cooking liquid on
the side.

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