Matzah Balls/Kneidlach: Fat-Free #3 - pareve

Posted by : Ruth Heiges


(From  No-Cholesterol Passover Recipes, by Debra Wasserman) 

1/4 cup matzah meal 
1 Tbsp potato starch 
Scant 1/3 cup water 
Pinch of salt 

Mix together and refrigerate 1/2 hour. Roll into 8 balls and drop into boiling
vegetable broth seasoned-water. Turn down heat and boil gently for 20 minutes.
Remove from water with slotted spoon and bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees on
lightly oil-coated cookie sheet. They can be made ahead and refrigerated until
use. Do not put cold matzo balls into warm soup; warm them up first by dunking
in hot water. Serve with vegetable broth.

This makes very small matzah balls, so plan on 3-4 per serving. Each: 
Calories: 20.25 
Fat: 0 
Protein: less than 1 gram 
Carbohydrates: 2 grams 

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