Matzah Balls/Kneidlach: Alana's - pareve

Posted by : Alana Suskin

I can't stand to not post this any longer. This is my family recipe, and
before that was brought here by a friend of my family's whose family was
Dutch. She's in her 90's and says her great-grandmother used to make
these. Mine now. They make incredible matzoballs, and everyone should be
able to them, instead of those fakes ;) made from matzomeal. Sorry about
the lack of measurements. It's a serious eyeballer recipe. And now, Beth,
you can print it out.

4 matzot (whole)
4 eggs
1/4 lb. (I've successfully used less) margarine (chicken fat if you must)
1 onion 
ginger (ground)
1 t. matzo meal

Saute chopped up onion in margarine.

Soak the matzo in water or broth, then squeeze it dry -with your hands.
Don't try another way - it doesn't work.

Add the soaked matzo to the onion, turning constantly so that the water
evaporates in the hot pan.

Let cool, then add some broth (from the soup you're going to cook the
matzo balls in) 4 eggs, a teeny pinch of ginger, pepper and salt to taste,
matzo meal and a pinch of parsley. Mix it with a mixer if you have one. If
not, your hands work just fine.

Add to boiling pot of chicken (or whatever) soup 1 matzo ball to see if it
holds together.(If not, add another egg or more fat, or let the water boil
die down a little. 

When the matzo balls hold together, add the rest of them to the pot. When
they float to the top, turn the heat down to low, let sit and cook on low
with a cover for 15-20 minutes.

Nothin' but the grin,
Alana Suskin

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