Haroset, Rina's - pareve

Posted by : Rina Perry

Source: From my mother with love & more
        A' La' Rina.....

2- 3      Apples - Smith, or grand. Peeled , cored and cut in pieces.
1 Cup     Almonds -with out the skin, I buy them like that in the super.
1 Cup     Walnuts
1/2 Cup   Dates. You can have even 1 cup.
1 Teas    Cinnamon
2 Tabls   Sugar,
          Red sweet wine.


Put every thing in the food processor, but the red wine.
Work to fine paste.
Now start pouring slowly the wine till you get a paste that you can 
spread it on a Matzo.
Taste ,and add more sugar, or even some lemon juice.

Note: I like to "play" with my Charoset. You can add some sweet 
orange peels, or even some time you can do the Charoset instead 
of the almonds and walnuts, Add 2 cups of peanuts. not the salty one...
I remember my mother making it like that.

Chag Sa'me'ach. Happy Pessach Holiday.
From my own collection.

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