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Posted by : Alana Suskin

This isn't really a Passover recipe, but it could easily be adapted. What
it *is* is the best-loved regional food of Maryland, next to crabs. Just
as good for those of us who can't eat them (anymore *sigh*)


2 med. baking potatoes
1/2 lb. cod
2 T. butter, melted
1 egg lightly beaten
1 T. chopped parseley
Flour for dusting (matzo meal would probably work fine)
oil/butter for sauteeing 
options: 1 t. curry powder OR onion OR dijon mustard 
         and/OR Worcestershire sauce

Cook the potatoes. Mash 'em chunky. Cook fish 8 min. at 350. Add melted
butter, egg, parsley and whatever of the above options (I favour curry
powder, which is traditional, or dijon mustard, a tiny bit of sauteed
chopped onion, and a dollop of worcestershire) You can mix and match these to
your own taste.) Flake the fish into the potato mix and mix well t
combine. Mold into flat, round, hamburger sized cakes. Dust with flour (Matzo meal) and
saute in a shallow layer of hot oil/ butter for about 4 minuted per side
or until lightly browned.

Nothin' but the grin,
Alana Suskin

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