Cookies: Meringue - pareve

Posted by : Ruth Heiges

I hate the fuss of baking cookies, so this is my kinda recipe. These are
definitely going on my Pesah menu.

Q:  Passover Meringue Cookies

This is Chaya Stein's recipe, so you know it's good.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

You will need:
3 egg whites 
1 tsp. vanilla sugar
1 cup sugar
12 oz. bag chocolate chips

Beat the egg whites with a mixer until they are stiff.  Beat in sugar and
vanilla sugar. 
Mix in chocolate chips by hand.  Drop by teaspoonfuls on to cookie sheet.
Place in oven and immediately turn it off.  Leave in oven overnight.  In
the morning, remove from cookie sheet & enjoy!

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