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Posted by : Rina Perry

After giving you the "Gvina Levana", the "Labane" recipes,
I decided to add another very old, old recipe from my mother Devora.
I remember as a child, her making the leben. 
I used to do it for years, until the "Strauss Dairies" came with such
good products, that I stop making it. 
We in Israel have such good dairy product that when ever I go
abroad I miss it.
So, Try it and, enjoy it too.

Home Made Kefir / Leben.

Source: From my mother with love & more
        Family recipe - my mother Devora

Yields:  6 Cups.

6  Cups   Milk  1% or 3 %
6  Tabls   Sour Cream


Warm up the milk just a little. Add the sour cream and stir
real good.
Pour into 6 cups of baby's plastic cups, with an air tight covers.
Keep in a warm place for about 24 hour, or until it sets.
In winter time, you can put it in the oven, on the lowest temperatures.
When ready keep in the refrigerator. 
You can serve it with 1 teasp of strawberries jam, or any flavor you like.
From My Mother With Love & More...
Rina Perry  Rinap@netvision.net.il

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