Helzel, Bubbe's Stuffed (Falsa Kishka) - meat

Posted by : ELAINE RADIS

We must have had the same Bubbe...here is the recipe for the helzel.  She
used the same thing for the kishka...

---------- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.05

 Categories: Jewish, Main dish, Poultry
      Yield: 1 servings

    1/2 c  Flour; or matzo meal
      1 lg Potato; mashed
    1/8 ts Salt
      1 md Onion; grated
    1/4 c  Schmaltz; melted or soft
           Egg; if needed, or chicken

  1. Combine all ingredients.  Sew up the small end of
  chicken neck and fill 3/4 full.  Sew up other end.

  2. Wash with cold water, then pour boiling water over.
  This will make skin smooth.

  3. Roast in oven with meat or chicken or by itself in
  well greased pan.

  Recipe may be doubled or tripled. This may also be
  made with a combination of flour, matzo meal, oatmeal,
  or farina. Bread crumbs may be used instead of flour
  and browned diced onion may be added to crumbs. Season
  as you like; more onion, fine; a little garlic, why
  not. Use your imagination

  NOTE:  My Grandmother made 'False Kishke' this
  way...she used the neck skin of the turkey or chicken
  instead of the cow's kishkies. If you don't know what
  a kishke is; maybe you shouldn't ask...

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