Passover Icings

Passover Icing #1: Apple Icing

Beat egg white until stiff.  Add sugar gradually.  Fold in grated apple. Spread on cake.

Passover Icing #2: Boiled Chocolate Icing (Pareve)

Boil sugar with water until it spins 6" to 8" thread (242F on candy thermometer).  Stir in melted choc. gradually, until icing is smooth.  When icing coats a spoon evenly, beat in oil.


Passover Icing #3: Orange Icing (Pareve)

Combine sugar and juice in a saucepan and bring to a boil.  Cook to (242F on candy thermometer) or
until mixture spins a 6" to 8" thread.  Slowly pour into stiffly beaten egg whites, beating conststantly.  Continue beating until mixture holds its shape.