Many thanks to Ruth Heiges for sharing this novel idea:

Easy Hanukkah touches

I saw a delightful suggestion on someone's webpage: For your Hanukah Shabbat meal, cook lasgna noodles to the _al dente_ stage, then, using a cookie cutter, press out dreidel shapes. Float these in chicken soup, instead of noodles.

If your hand an eye are steady enough, you also could cut these out with a knife, and I think Magen David shapes would be appropriate, too.

As for me, I plan to adapt this idea to croutons. What I have in mind is to slice a loaf of bread longitudinally and let it sit out for a day. I don't have cookie cutters (wouldn't canape' cutters be just perfect!), but I think I can easily make a cardboard stencil and use that for a guide.