Chicken Caesar Salad

My family loves both chicken and salad, so I created this main-dish salad. The chicken portion can be used in a variety of settings, including an Italian pasta salad and a pita salad. I like to make my own Caesar dressing, but often there is not enough time, so I keep a bottle of prepared dressing on hand for those rushed times. Combine flour and seasoned salt in plastic bag.

Pound chicken to half-inch thick.

Combine bread crumbs with sesame seeds in plastic bag.

Dredge in flour-salt mixture, shaking off excess.

Dip in beaten eggs, allowing excess to drip off.

Coat with bread crumbs.

Heat oil in large frying pan.

Fry chicken in oil till golden brown on both sides and thoroughly cooked inside. (Cut to test that no pinkness remains.)

Remove to cutting board. Slice chicken into 2" strips. Tent with foil to keep warm.

Combine lettuce, tomato, avocado (if using), and red onion in large salad bowl. Pour dressing over and toss to combine.

Top salad with sliced chicken and serve with dinner rolls.
Serves 4.