Plum Sauce for Lamb or Red Meat

Plum Sauce for Lamb and Red Meat
Serves 6

1 lb. plums, pitted
4 fl. oz. red wine
2 tbsp. sugar (or to taste)
lemon juice (optional) to taste

Roughly chop plums then put them in a small pan with wine and sugar and simmer until they are soft (upwards of 15 minutes depending on type and ripeness of plums).

Put mixture through a fine sieve and return to (cleaned) pan.

Taste and adjust seasonings, it should be tart with consistency of double (heavy) cream, add sugar or lemon juice if necessary for taste and if it is too thin reduce it over moderate heat.

Note: This sauce freezes well.

It goes particularly well with lamb but will suit any red meat with a rich flavor.

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