Pink Vodka Cream Sauce over Pasta

posted by alsgirl 07-13-98 8:48 PM 

Pink Vodka Cream Sauce over Pasta

2 oz. Vodka 
3 TBL. Butter 
2 Minced shallots 
1/2 cup Marinara sauce 
1/2 cup Heavy cream 
2 TBL. Grated Romano cheese 
2 TBL. Chopped fresh parsley 
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste 
Optional: crumbled hot Italian sausage, 

Saute shallots in butter until slightly translucent. 

Remove pan from stove, add vodka and ignite until alcohol burns off,  
indicated when flame extinguishes or mixture begins to simmer.  

(Return to stove after adding the vodka.)

Add marinara sauce, heavy cream, salt, pepper, parsley and grated cheese;
reduce by half. 

Toss with favorite pasta and serve with crumbled sausage, shrimp or chicken.

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