Lemon Mustard Sauce

Becky posted 05-06-99

Lemon Mustard Sauce

4 tbsp. butter
2 tbsp. flour
1 1/2 cup milk
2 large egg yolks
3 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
2 tbsp. Dijon style mustard
Red (cayenne) pepper or hot pepper sauce, to taste

In a medium sized saucepan over medium heat, melt the butter. Stir in the flour and cook mixture for 3 minutes, do not allow it to brown.

Add the milk all at once, stirring constantly. Boil the mixture until slightly thick, about 5 minutes. Set aside and cover.

Beat together egg yolks, lemon juice, mustard and pepper in a medium sized bowl. Stir in 1/4 cup of the hot milk/butter mixture. Then pour this into the saucepan with the milk/butter mixture.

Stir constantly while cooking over medium heat until thick, about 3 to 5 minutes. Do not boil.

Makes about 2 cups. good for: eggs, poached or baked fish or steamed vegetables

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