Sushi Rice

posted by Joy 07-19-98 1:28 PM 

Sushi rice: 
3 1/3 cup short grain rice 
4 cups water 

Vinegar Mixture:
5 Tbl. plus 1 t rice vinegar 
5 Tbl. sugar 
  4 tsp. salt 

Wash rice until water runs clean. 

Drain in colander for 1 hour.   

Place drained rice in pot with cover; add water. 

Cover and bring to a boil over medium heat.

Boil over high heat for 2 minutes. 

Reduces heat to medium and boil for another 5 minutes.
Cook 15 minutes over low heat or until all water has been absorbed.

Remove from heat, take off lid and cover with dish toweel and let sit 
for 10-15 minutes. 

While rice is cooking, combine vinegar ingredients. 

Heat slowly until sugar is dissolved,stirring constantly.  

Place rice on a cookie sheet, spreading evenly over bottom with spatula. As you do this, slowly add vinegar mixture using spatula with a
cutting motion. 

You may not need all of it. 

Avoid adding too much, the rice should not be mushy.

Continue cutting vinegar in for 10 minutes.  

Fan rice as you are doing this. 

Continue until reaches room temperature. 

Do not refrigerate rice. 

Keep at room temp until ready to use. 

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