Mami's Arroz con Gandules

posted by AngelaF 07-02-98 10:02 AM

Mami's Arroz con Grandules

5 Cups Water
3 Cups Rice
1/2 Large Onion
1/2 Large Green Pepper
1 (16oz.) Can of Gandules (pigeon peas)
Tbsp. Adobo con pimienta
2 Env. GoyaŽ Sazon Con Azafran
1/4 Cup Alcaparrado (olives with capers and pimentos)
2+ Chorizo (sausage) Diced Very Small Small Size (Optional)
2+1 Rounded Tbsp. of GoyaŽ Recaito
6 Good Shakes of Hot Sauce (To Taste)
Tbsp. Olive Oil
Tsp. Of Meaty Base (Ham Seasoning or Beef, Ham or Chicken Bouillion -- Prefer Base)

Saute onion and green pepper and after lightly cooked. Then, add the rest and stir. Let come to a boil. Stir again and reduce to low flame; cover with tight lid. Stir frequently (about every 10 minutes) and as rice absorbs the water you will have to add more water. About 1/4 cup at a time, up to 1/2 cup. Be sure to stir to get the bottom up and onto the top. Takes about 45 minutes of simmering time.

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