Turkey: Tender Turkey Legs

posted by Dayle BC 04-11-101 10:50 PM

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Tender Turkey Legs
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2 large turkey drumsticks
1 tbsp. onion soup mix (optional)

Place turkey legs, thawed, if frozen, on a large piece of foil. Sprinkle with dried soup mix (good, but doesn't really need this) gather up foil and seal, so seams are up high, as lots of juice is created and you don't want leakage (maybe put foil pkg. into a pie plate).

Bake at 200 deg. for 5 - 6 hrs. Put in at noon and it'll be ready for dinner. This is a good automatic oven dinner. Thicken juice with a bit of flour/water/salt mixture to make gravy. Depending on the size of the drumsticks, this would serve 2-4. A great way to have a turkey dinner without the hassel of a big turkey!

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