Turkey Sandwich: South of the Border Burgers

posted by jeanndan 04-28-100 8:47 PM

South of the Border Burgers
submitted by Jeannie

1 lb. ground turkey (lean)
1 lb. lean ground hamburger
1/2 cup very finely chopped Doritoes
1/4 cup salsa
2 Tbl. Taco Seasoning

Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Chunky Salsa
Sour Cream

Mix together all of the hamburger ingredients and form into patties. When grilling these remember not to cook as long as a normal full beef burger because the turkey gets chewy.

Note: If you decide to use all ground turkey remember to spray the grill or pan with cooking spray as they will stick.

When hamburgers are just about done place about 1 Tbl. of shredded cheese on each burger. Place on hamburger bun and top with salsa and sour cream.

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