Chicken and Mushroom Casserole

Posted by BarbCA on April 13, 1998

Chicken and Mushroom Casserole

36 chicken thighs
salt, pepper and paprika
3/4 cup butter or margerine
3/4 lb. sliced mushrooms
6 green onion, sliced thin
1/4 cup all purpose flour
1-1/2 cups chicken broth
6 Tbs.sherry
3 sprigs rosemary or 1/2 tsp dried crumbled.

Sprinkle chicken pieces with salt, pepper and paprika. Over medium heat 
brown chicken in half the butter 15 minutes; transfer to a shallow baking 
pan, arranging meat in a single layer. 

Add remaining butter to frying pan and saute mushrooms and green onions 
until limp and lightly browned and liquid evaporates. 

Sprinkle flour over mushrooms and stir in chicken broth, sherry and rosemary.

Cook until thickened, then pour over chicken. (At this point you can cover 
and chill the casserole.) 

Cover and bake at 350' for 1 hour. If refrigerated, 1 hour and 20 minutes. 

18 servings.

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