Chicken and Dumplings

joy posted 02-14-99

Chicken and Dumplings

l chicken
salt & pepper
2 hard boiled eggs, chopped

Place chicken in a large pot, add salt and cover with water. Cook until done. Remove chicken and l cup of the broth. Add chopped eggs to the remaining broth.

For the dumplings

2 cups self rising flour
l cup of cooled chicken broth taken from just cooked chicken

Mix into a stiff dough. Roll out very thin on a floured board and cut into 2 x 4 inch strips.

Drop strips in boiling broth and stir gently. Do not cover. Continue until all strips are used.

Sprinkle with pepper and cook about 20 minutes. Do not cover. You can then add the cooked chicken to the dumplings. Now cover, remove from heat till ready to serve.

**Use the fattest chicken you can find for the best dumplings. This is comfort food.

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