Chicken Soup: Cazuela de Gallina (Chicken Cazuela)

posted by ramon 07-04-101 3:45 PM

Cazuela de Gallina (Chicken Cazuela)

1 hen, about 4 kilos
5 tblspoons oil
Juice of 1 lemon
Thyme, Bay leaves, Rosemary
250 grmas sausage, (weisswurst or bratwurst or both.)
1 onion cut in thick rings and 1 whole
1 carrot cubed, and 1 whole
1 tomato, minced
Celery stalk
2 cups broth from hen
Salt and pepper
Enough potatoes, cut thick, or whole, according to size.

Cut the hen in pieces, wash and steep for about 20 minutes in a mix of 1/2 the oil, some thyme salt and pepper and the lemon juice, and then cover with water, put a whole onion and a whole carrot and the celery stalk and slowly bring to a simmer. Let cook until hen is tender.

Apart, in the rest of the oil cook the sausage until golden, then add the vegetables, thyme and the bay leaves, 2 cups of broth from hen and cook for about 20 minutes. Add hen and as much additional broth as you like and cook until potatoes are done. You can then add a beaten egg to the pot. This is optional but tasty.

You can serve in soup plates as a soup, or dry and the broth on the side. In soup plates it is the Chilean Cazuela, which we also enjoy here in Argentina.

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