Chicken: Melt-in-Your-Mouth Chicken

posted by Sisko 02-24-101 4:53 AM

from my mother-in-law
Melt-in-Your-Mouth Chicken

4 chicken breasts, with the small fillet bits, without skin & bones
1 red onion
1 large glove garlic
1 mild green chilli
1 can pears in juice or light syrup
1 cup good thick cream
pepper andpaprika
oil andbutter for frying

Make sure the chicken is fresh, preferably fed with corn, and remove all white bits from the breasts. Sprinkle pepper and paprika onto the breasts, both sides.

Take a cast-iron frying pan (with teflon coated pan the chicken gets rubbery), and pour about a tsp oil on it and put it on high heat. When the oil is warm, put some butter (real) in, then the chicken breasts. Do not crowd them. When the breasts and the fillet bits have got some colour, turn them over.

When the breasts are brownish on both sides, move them into a teflon coated skillet over a very low heat. Cover. Let them simmer under cover for about 20 minutes, and if you peek, do not let the distilled water from the cover get onto the chicken breasts.

Now, cut the onion and garlic and the chilli into small bits and pour them over the chicken. Do not increase heat. Now is the time to start cooking the accompanying rice, e.g. Basmati. Let chicken simmer further 20 minutes. When the rice is nearly done, add the pears, sliced, onto the chicken, with the juice or syrup, and salt to taste.

When the rice is ready pour the cream onto the chicken and increase the heat so that the cream bubbles quickly, but do not boil or it runs.

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