Chicken: Homestyle Sicilian Chicken

posted by Mai 03-31-103 7:30 AM

Homestyle Sicilian Chicken
Courtesy of Little Italy Restaurants, Baltimore, MD

4 boneless, skinless, chicken breasts
1 tablespoons pesto sauce
2-3 tablespoons capers
1/4 cup sliced black olives
1/2 cup roasted red peppers
1/2 cup sliced onions
1/2 cup coarsely chopped shitake mushrooms
1 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1 cup canned crushed tomatoes
1 teaspoon sugar
1/4 cup red wine
4 slices low fat mozzarella
2 tablespoons fresh basil

Spread chicken breasts with pesto sauce.

In large non-stick skillet coated with cooking spray, cook over med.-high heat 3-4 min. on each side or till chicken is tender and golden brown Remove chicken from pan and set aside.

Place capers, olives, peppers, onions, mushrooms in vinegar in skillet and saute about 2 min. Remove and set aside 1/2 of the vegetable mixture.

Add tomatoes sugar, and wine to skillet and stir all to combine. Place chicken in skillet and cook till hot. Arrange cheese slices on top of each breast. Cover pan and cook on low, till cheese melts.

Spoon vegetables over chicken and garnish with fresh sliced basil and serve.

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