Chicken: Chicken in Mustard Tarragon Sauce

posted by JAR 06-10-103 10:37 AM

Chicken in Mustard Tarragon Sauce
(From Martha Stewart EveryDay Food May/June 2003 3rd Issue)

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
2 tbl oil
1/4 cup dry white wine or chicken broth
1/2 cup cream
2 tbl Dijon mustard
1 tsp dried tarragon

Sprinkle chicken breasts with salt and pepper.

In a large skillet heat oil and saute chicken until cooked through on medium high heat 10-12 minutes turning once. Transfer cooked chicken to platter to keep warm.

Pour 1/4 cup dry white wine or chicken broth into the pan stirring until reduced by 1/2 about 1 minute. Whisk in cream, Dijon mustard and tarragon. Cook, wisking until thickened, about 2 minutes. Pour any accumulated chicken juices from the chicken reserve platter into the pan.

Serve chicken breasts on a large platter with steamed or microwaved asparagus or broccoli spears with sauce poured over the top.

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