Chicken: Breast of Chicken Summit

posted by Liz Thomas 06-15-101 8:39 PM

Breast of Chicken Summit
Summit Restaurant, Sydney, Australia

2 chicken breasts
egg yolk
1 tbsp oil
Fresh white breadcrumbs
Clarified butter
White pepper

Summit Sauce:
10 fl oz chicken stock
1 oz hazelnuts, roasted whole and ground
1 oz butter
Juice 1/4 lemon
3 fl oz cream
white pepper
1 fl oz brandy
2 heaped tsp arrowroot

Season and lightly flour chicken breasts, paint with egg and oil mixture and then breadcrumbs. Measure ingredients. Melt some clarified butter in a pan and gently fry chicken breasts until golden-brown (2 minute each side).

Sauce: Reduce chicken stock to two thirds. Mix arrowroot with a little chicken stock. Add to stock. Melt the butter in a saucepan and slowly add the stock stirring all the time until thickened. Add the cream slowly and then the hazelnuts and brandy. Season with salt and pepper and lemon juice.

Place chicken breasts on heated serving dish and coat with sauce.

Drinks: A good white Burgundy

Hints: Be careful with the hazelnuts, they can be an acquired taste."

2 servings

From: Entertaining with Kerr. The Galloping Gourmet -- Recipes from the BBC tv series. Published 1970. Coptyright Graham Kerr 1969

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