Dolce di Millefoglie

posted by Sue Freeman 11-24-98 8:40 PM

Dolce di Millefoglie
(means 1,000 sheets)

1 pkg. frozen puff pastry shells, thawed and baked
1 (15.5 oz.) container ricotta cheese, not low fat
1/2 cup confectioners sugar
2 to 3 drops cinnamon oil or orange oil, or other flavored oil of choice
1 oz. grated semi-sweet chocolate
1/2 cup candied fruit or chopped unsalted pistachio nuts, walnuts or almonds
maraschino cherries, cups from shelled nuts, and powdered sugar, garnish

Take off tops of pastry shells and pull out doughy center.

For filling, stir and beat until light and fluffy. Add confectioners sugar, flavored oil, chocolate, and candied fruit or nuts; mixing well.

Fill shells from a pastry bag. Don't fill them too long before serving (2 hours at the most) or they will get soggy.

The cap from each shell should be placed at an angle standing straight up, add a maraschino cherry and add a light sprinkling of powdered sugar.

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