Chocolate Profiteroles

Maree   posted 03-30-98 
Chocolate Profiteroles: 
  Source: Gabriel Gate and Angie Burns Gate, "French Cuisine for    Australians" 
  Time: Preparation: 50 minutes 
  Cooking: 25 min 
  Add: Time for choux pastry (prep. and cooking). 

  Ingredients: (for 10 people) Multiply as needed 

  1 quantity of choux pastry (see below) 
  Filling: either ice cream or the traditional crème patisserie filling (custard cream) 
  Plus (to top): 
  400 g. (12-13oz) semi-sweet dark chocolate 
  4 teaspoons butter  

  Make or buy good quality vanilla ice cream/ crème patisserie. 

  Make choux pastry* (below) - count on 3-5 puffs per person.  

  To serve: Melt chocolate with 60 mls. (12 teaspoons) water over a warm bain-marie. Incorporate butter and a little warm water if necessary to obtain a sauce consistency. 

Slit top off each pastry puff and use small spoon to fill with desired 
filling. Replace 'hat'. Spoon over a little hot choc. sauce and serve. 

Choux Pastry: 
  Prep: 15 minutes 
  Cooking: 25 minutes 
  Yield: ~45 -60 puffs (depends on size piped) 

  1 cup water 
  60 g. butter (2 oz.) 
  125 g. plain (all-purpose) flour (4 oz.) 
  4 extra large eggs 
  pich salt 

  Glaze: (Optional) 
  1 egg yolk 
  1 teaspoon water 

  Preheat oven to 200C (400F). 

In a saucepan bring water, butter and salt to boil. Lower heat and add 
the flour in one lot, stirring vigorously with a wooden spoon for a few 
mins. Pastry will come away from the sides of the pan and form into an 
homogenous mass. It'll also dry out a little. Remove from heat and allow 
to cool slightly before thoroughly incorporating each egg (one by one) 
into the mixture with the wooden spoon. 

Fill piping bag with mixture. Pipe small mounds 2 cm. (slightly less than 1") in diameter and 2 cm. (about 1" apart) on buttered and floured oven trays. Hold nozzle directly above tray; If you want to glaze, mix egg yolk and water with a fork and lightly brush with glaze to give a shiny effect.
Cool in preheated oven 15 minutess. Then lower temp to 180C (350F) and cook
 further 10-15 minutes. Unless your oven is one in which heat is very evenly distributed, only have one sheet of pastry in oven at one time. 

  Pastry is cooked when dry and golden brown. If brown but not dry, turn 
oven off and leave pastries in oven for another 10 minutes. 

  Allow pastry to cool. Freeze in airtight bag. 

To serve, fill piping bag (or teaspoon) with creme patisserie/ice cream (slightly melted or chantilly cream and fill as directed above.  Top with "hat" and serve with melted chocolate mixture.

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