Cannoli: Cannoli Filling

posted by Katherine 01-04-101 8:32 PM

Cannoli Filling
The Cookbook "The food of Southern Italy" Carlo Middione

2 lbs. Riccota
1/4 Cup Confection Sugar
3 – 4 tbls. Candied lemon or orange peel, finely chopped
4 tbls. finely chopped semi sweet chocolate
3-4 tbls. orange water or curacao or cointreau

Mix first 5 ingredients together in large bowl. If too dense you can add a few tbls. of heavy cream to soften
it. If using liqueur this should not be too pronounced just a hint of taste. Fill by piping into cannoli shell. Dip each end in some grated chocolate and add a cherry half.

You should not fill the cannoli until last minute or they will become soggy.

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