posted by Sara in IL 07-24-98 2:48 PM


12-15 lasagna noodles
1 (30 oz.) jar Ragu spaghetti sauce
1 (27-1/2 oz) can Hunts spaghetti sauce
24 oz. small curd cottage cheese
16 oz. shredded mozzarella cheese
1 egg
1/2 c. Parmesan cheese

Cook noodles until nearly done. Mix together the 2 spaghetti sauces. In a separate bowl, combine the remaining ingredients.

Coat bottom of pan with spaghetti sauce. Cover with layer of noodles. Spread half of cheese mixture. Pour 1/3 of sauce over. Repeat layer of noodles, cheese and sauce. Put on the last layer of noodles. Pour remaining sauce over the top.

Bake in 350 oven covered for 45 minutes. Remove cover and bake 15 minutes more. Should be bubbling when done. Remove from oven and cool 20 minutes before serving.

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