Gnocchi di Patate

posted by Sue Freeman 11-24-98 8:40 PM

Gnocchi Di Patate

4 large russet baking potatoes
1 tbsp salt
1 egg lightly beaten (Optional.. we didn't use it)
1 cup unbleached flour

Use baking potatoes as they do not hold moisture. Bake the potatoes and when they are done remove the pulp from the potatoes and rice them with a ricer or mash them while they are still warm. Fluff with a fork and let cool. Add salt, egg and flour and knead on a table top or board until it holds together and is smooth. You don't have to knead it a long time, this isn't bread. You want it tacky but smooth. The more flour you use the heavier it will be. That is why you don't want to boil potatoes and you want to bake them instead.The more moisure in the potato... the more flour you will need.

Roll out dough into a rope size, about a finger thickness. Cut into one inch pieces. You can run it along the back side of a fork but this is for asthetic reasons only. It isn't necessary.

If you aren't ready to cook them immediately put on a floured towel and set aside. Don't cover them up and just leave on the counter. There is nothing there that will spoil.

When ready to cook, cook in a large pot of salted water.When water begins to boil turn the heat down so it is a strong simmer. Don't boil violently. When the gnocci rises to the top let it cook for one minute longer and then remove and put in a dish with melted butter and grated cheese over the top.

Carl..the chef told us you can also add spinach or gargonzola to the gnocci dough to make it different. Just make sure the spinach is squeezed very dry and cooked over the stove in a saute pan until all moisture is out of it. The amounts of each is up to you.

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