Molded Peas and Prosciutto

posted by Sue Freeman 06-10-98 8:18 PM 

Molded Peas and Prosciutto 

3 tablespoons butter unsalted 
4 tablespoons flour 
l cup milk (whole milk) 
2 eggs slightly beaten 
1/2 cup grated roman or parmesean cheese 
2 pkgs. baby frozen peas...blanched 
3 oz. prosciutto, cut into small pieces. You can also 
use some smoked ham instead also... 
salt and pepper 
butter for the pan 
bread crumbs for the pan 

Make becimale sauce first. Place butter in sauce pan and melt and add flour
and stir to make a roux. Adding milk in a stream and stirring constantly 
cook til very thick. Remove from heat and add beaten eggs (temper them 
first....add a little of the thickened sauce to egg and stir rapidly so it
doesn't scramble...add more...stirring constantly...add more...etc. til all
incorporated) Add grated cheese, ham, peas and salt and pepper. 

Heavily butter a mold or pan and cover the inside with bread crumbs. Put 
the pea mixture into the mold pan and place into a deep pan and fil second 
pan with boiling water half way up the mold. Bake in a preheated oven 350 
degrees until a toothpick or cake tester inserted comes out clean. Invert 
and turn out on a serving dish. Serve hot, warm or cold. 

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