Involtini di Carciloli (Veal Rolls with Artichokes)

Involtini di Carciloli 
(Veal Rolls with Artichokes) 
can use chicken, pork or beef too

4 very thin pieces of veal, pound out if neccessary 1 can articokes...drained and gently squeezed dry chopped Italian parsley about 5 sprigs... leaves only 2 minced cloves of garlic 4 Tbsp of italian style bread crumbs olive oil to moisten 2 Large Tbsp grated parmiggiano or Romano salt and pepper to taste flour for dredging olive oil for sauteing 1 cup chicken broth l cup dry white wine (we used the non alcoholic) Chop 4 pieces of artichokes. Saute lightly with olive oil and garlic for 3 minutes...don't let the garlic brown. Remove from pan and let cool slightly Add chopped parsley, grated cheese,bread crumbs,olive oil to just moisten.. not to much...just a splash, salt and pepper. Watch the salt as the cheese has salt in it. MIX well. Set aside. Make sure your veal is dry. Meat won't brown if it is not dry. Dab with paper towels to get excess moisture off. Lay out slices and divde the filling between the four pieces of veal. Roll up and either tie with twine or use a toothpick to hold together. Roll each piece in flour and lightly brown in olive oil. Add broth, wine and remaining artichokes and cook for 15 minutes. Remove veal and cover and reduce sauce to a slightly thickened sauce. Pour over veal rolls and serve.

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