Eggs: Uovo Italiano

posted by Mai 03-31-103 7:39 AM

Uovo Italiano
Great for Breakfast, Brunch, or Late Night Snack
submitted by Lou from Baltimore, Maryland, USA

1 egg
extra virgin olive oil
coarse ground pepper
Romano cheese
basil (preferably fresh)
Sun of Italy Italian seasoning
Italian Bread
fresh tomato

Liberally cover the bottom of a small bowl (3" diam.) with oil. Liberally grate in Romano cheese. Drop in 1 egg (whole or lightly whipped). Cover with grated Romano cheese. Sprinkle basil to taste (best if fresh). Sprinkle on Sun of Italy Italian seasoning. Coarsely ground pepper to taste.

Optional: Cut mortedella or salami or both into thin strips and criss-cross on top. Sprinkle with baby capers. If you choose either of these, cover at this point with grated Romano

Cooking: Cover the bowl tightly with plastic wrap. Place in microwave. Cook for 1 minute (more or less to desired egg texture). Slide out of bowl onto 1" thick slice of Italian bread (toast if you like).

Optional: Best in Summer-top with one slice of fresh tomato at room temperature

Eat open face or cover with another slice of bread to eat as sandwich (adjust cooking time if cooking more than one egg at the same time).

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