Lemoncello Frape

posted by mamaSue 06-08-100 6:09 PM

Lemoncello Frappe (Sgroppino)

1 pint vanilla ice cream (the richest, creamiest that you can find)
1/2 cup milk
1 cup Lemoncello

In a large blender, place the softened ice cream and puree it with a little milk. Continue blending, adding the lemoncello unit it's "drunk" enough (to your taste). Serve in wine glasses.

Serves 6

Note: This frappe was served with a thin almond flavored cookie.

Limoncello (Lemon liqueur from the Amalfi Coast)

5 lemons (organic)
2 cups whole grain alcohol*
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 cups water

Wash the lemons in warm water, don't use soap. Using a potato peeler, skin the lemons over the bowl where you have the Everclear. Let sit in a sunny place, covered with saran wrap for 2 days, until the alcohol turns yellow.

Bring the sugar and water to boil. When the sugar is dissolved, turn off the heat. Drain the lemon-infused alcohol into the sugar syrup. Store in the freezer.

* The chef recommended Everclear.

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