Vegetable Spinach Cheese Casserole in Puff Pastry

posted by Sue Freeman 11-04-98 6:05 AM

Spinach Cheese Casserole in Puff Pastry

10 oz spinach, thawed, chopped and as dry as you can get it
1 cup cottage or ricotta cheese
1 cup feta cheese (dry and crumbled kind)
1/4 cup parmesean or romano cheese grated
1/4 cup sliced green onions
4 large eggs
2 Tablespoons butter
pinch of salt
pinch of pepper
12 oz puff pastry thawed.

Melt butter in saute pan and saute onions until tender.

IN a large bowl combine the cheeses and the eggs. Mix well and then add spinach and onions, salt and pepper and mix again.

Lightly butter bottom and sides of an 8 inch baking pan. Roll out sheet of puff pastry to make a 14 inch square.
Roll out a second sheet to make a 9 inch square. Lay the bigger sheet in the baking dish and fit into it conforming
to all sides. Make sure it overlaps. Spread spinach mixture into dough.

Take the 9 inch piece and fit it onto the top of the casserole. Trim to fit and fold in sides and roll down dough on all sides cover the edges and sides. USing the left over scraps cut out shapes with cookie cutters and decorate top if desired.

Brush with additional melted butter and bake for 45 minutes at 350 or until golden brown. Let rest 10 minutes before slicing.

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