Seafood All American Tuna

Ann posted 7-13-98


Get this --
2 of those cat food sized cans of tuna fish (the kind packed in water, not oil)
A bag of those seashell-shaped noodles (16 oz. bag)
A can of peas
2 cans of "golden" mushroom soup
An 8-pack of American cheese slices
2 t Tabasco

Turn on your oven to +/- 350. Get a big pot. Put lots of water, a bit spoonful of salt, and just a little bit of
cooking oil in it (so just a couple of bubbles of it float around on top of the water). Make it boil. Keep it that way . . . no lid. When it's boiling, dump in the noodles, stir them around every chance you get. When done, drain and set aside.

Put "golden" mushroom soup, the peas and the tuna fish (minus the water in the cans they come in) and Tabasco sauce in the bowl. Mix it up so its all gooshy and the peas are evenly distributed. there, and stir it all around until it melts all over the noodles.

Dump the noodles into one of those Pyrex cooking things, dump the tuna fish goosh on top, spread it evenly, and put that in your oven for +/- 25 minutes or so. Stir the whole mess up after 15 minutes. No lid.

When it's bubbling like a tox waste site, layer the cheese on top (4-5 slices) and put whatever that is back into the oven until the cheese is more than melted but less than burnt. It will be very hot! Now carefully take it out of the oven and go get the folks to eat.

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