Dough Enhancer for White Bread

Posted by: luvcookin 09-11-99 10:57 PM

Dough Enhancer for White Bread

1/2 c. lecithin granules
1 1/2 t. ginger powder
1 1/2 t. ascorbic acid powder or Fruit Fresh
2 T. diastatic malt
1/2 c. dry dairy acid whey from buttermilk or cheese making or fresh
buttermilk may be substituted in place of liquid in recipe

Mix well and store in glass jar with tight lid.

Use about 1/2 t. per cup flour.


If you cannot find diastatic malt, go to a brew supply store and buy #2 barley malt, have it ground or cracked then at home blend to a powder in blender. #2 has both enzymes.

Sweet whey will not provide same thing.

Do not use body building whey from health food stores.

Do not use whey from soy.

Diastatic malt is not same as barley malt powder or syrup.

Barley malt is a sweetener and does not have enzymes.

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