ABM: Poolish

posted by Maree 11-14-102 6:20 AM

Rustic European Breads from your Bread Machine" By Eckhardt & Butts.

3/4 cup organic bread flour
1/2 teasp. bread machine yeast (granules)
1/2 cup room temp. sping water

ABM: combine all 3 ingrediens and process on dough setting. *OR* beat mix. by hand, 100 strokes. Cover and set aside (or leave in ABM).

Within 2 hrs, it'll rise and bubble, at least doubling in volume. The poolish will continue to work and will peak in ~10 hrs, when it'll drop and fall back to original volume.

For fuller flavour development, place in 'fridge after 4-5 hrs or overnight. Let it return to room temp before using. Pour all the poolish into any recipe on the bread setting (in an ABM/ hand mix**) to complicate and improve the taste and texture of the bread.

** use as much poolish as to taste. Some find it too strong if it's developed for a while in the fridge. Use a "light" hand, I'd suggest, rather than a heavy one, when starting out. It's easier to add more next time than try to take it away from baked goods.

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