Seafood: Cantonese Steamed Fish

posted by Fruffy 09-21-101 6:00 AM

Cantonese Steamed Fish
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About 1 1/2 tsp. salt for salting med.-sized fish
3 tbsp. grated ginger (can also chop into fine strands which is more authentic from an aesthetic standpoint.
1/2 onions chopped in long thin strands (optional)
1 tbsp. regular soy sauce
2 tbsp. oil (can also use 1 tbsp. ea. peanut and veg. oil or all peanut oil)
1 tsp. sesame oil

Several hours before steaming score fish (make diagonal slits) and sprinkle salt evenly on all surfaces. Set fish in fridge.

When ready to steam, spread ginger on outside and inside of dish (this gets rid of fishy smell). Unless fish is very large, steam time should not exceed 10 min. Before fish is steamed, mix soy sauce ingredients and set aside.

While fish is steaming, mix oils and heat until hot, but not smoking. Turn off fire and wait until fish is done. When fish is done, pour off excess liquids and place onion strands on the fish. Then pour hot oils evenly over fish. Lastly, pour soy sauce mixture over and inside the fish, basting with the runoff sauce mixture for a minute or two. Serve hot.

**This ingredient is essential. You can use just regular soy sauce, but the flavor is not as good. I'm 100% sure that all oriental grocery store sell this. You may luck out and find it in the regular supermarket. The brand name is LEE KUM KEE.

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