Salad: Oriental Salad by Jeannie

posted by Jeannie 05-01-101 6:26 AM

Oriental Salad

1 medium head of cabbage
can use lettuce
small bunch of green onions
8 Tables. slivered almonds
2 Tables. sesame seeds
1 package of Oodles of Noodles (crushed)

1/2 cup of oil
6 Tables. rice vinegar
2 Teas. salt
1 Teas. pepper
2 Tables. sugar

Mix dressing ingredients (refrigerate if not serving immediately)

Brown almonds and seeds in 2 Tables. margarine. Cut cabbage and add in other greens (lettuce, whatever you have on hand). Add onions. Mix in nuts and seeds. Add Noodles and dressing right before serving.

NOTE: Add cooked chicken if desired.

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