Lo Mein by Chefmom

posted by Chefmom 04-20-99 6:19 PM

Chefsmom's LoMein

8 ounce to 16 ounce of Pork roast, cut into very thin strips, pound slightly
Chinese lo mein noodles, prepared as package directs
Chicken Stock
Fine chop onion, just a few TBSP
Fresh Ginger
Soy sauce

Onions, chopped med - large
Several Green onions, chopped
Water Chesnuts, one canned, sliced, drained
Bamboo Shoots, one can, drained
Carrots, cut into coins
Baby Corn, one or two jars, drained
Snow Peas, about two or three large handfuls
salt and white pepper, fresh cracked
corn starch dissolved in sherry

Start with Oil in a Wok or saute pan, then add the pork strips in small batches, quickly brown and then remove to a plate, repeat until all the pork is done.

Saute the fine onion, garlic and fresh ginger for a minute until the onion is soft.

Do not allow to color to much. Deglaze with sherry. Add some soy sauce and then add rest of chopped onion, water chesnuts, bamboo shoots and carrots.

Stir constantly, if it becomes dry add more sherry,when the carrots have softened slightly, add the baby corn and snow peas.

You can also add more soy or salt and pepper as needed. If there is not much of a sauce, then add a little chicken stock.

When the veggies have softened, but still have bite, add the pork back and saute until done. Finish with a little corn starch to slightly thicken.

Serve on the noodles, or stir the noodles into the mixture. The final amount depends on how much you have in the mixture.

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