Linda's Oriental Salad

posted by Linda in San Diego 06-01-98 1:09 PM 

Lindas Oriental Salad 

1 head shredded cabbage 
4-5 scallions sliced 
2 packages oriental top-ramen noodles 
1 package of oriental seasoning mix(from ramen noodle package) 
1 cup slivered almonds 
garlic salt to taste 
2 T. oil or butter 
1 8 oz. bottle of mandarian-sesame fat free dressing
-or 8 oz. of any type oriental style dressing 

Preheat oven to 250.

Crush ramen noodles,spread on pam sprayed baking sheet. 

Add almonds,sprinkle a little garlic salt,and ONE package of the oriental 
seasoning spices (that come w/ the ramen noodles).

Drizzle the oil over mixture and bake checking every couple of min. until 

When toasted, cool and put into a container-until right before you are 
ready to eat salad. 

Shred lettuce,set aside. Slice scallions toss w/cabbage,put in fridge.

Just before eating, toss greens, noodle/almond mix and dressing. 


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